Tuesday, june 4th, 2019

Join me for a drink and some trashy supermarket talk.

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Michael began his writing career at a very young age.  His first book was called, "Ghost Town", and he wrote it on a manual typewriter using paper he cut the size of a paperback novel.  Writing has always been the foundation for all things creative in his life.  After searching for a literary agent and/or publisher and having doors closed for years, a chance encounter with a published author led to a book contract.  His work is now published through Crimson Cloak Publishing


Michael’s second novel, Life in a Savage Landfill, is now for sale on Amazon! Hardcover only, for now, with paperback and eBook versions coming in the next couple weeks.

Life in a supermarket basket

Life in a Supermarket Basket
By Michael Evanichko

Vincent fidgeted as he waited in the ten-items-or-less lane, for he clearly had more than ten items in his dainty, little basket.  As the line of impatient shoppers grew he was sure he’d be publicly humiliated for the sin of supermarket disobedience.  The practice of stoning would resurface, only frozen Cornish-hens would be launched at his large frame instead of stones.  If only he knew within a few minutes he’d be visiting the afterlife after being hit by a car, he would’ve checked his minor anxiety attack at the customer service counter.

 As Vincent’s spirit rose above the mayhem, so too, did each of his purchased items, as each of them triggered a remarkable and occasionally embarrassing memory of his past.  He was forced to examine his current state of unhappiness as he awaited answers to the lingering questions:  Would his life end in the parking lot of his favorite grocer?  Would he be accurate in the belief that heaven was non-existent?

Life in a Supermarket Basket contains elements of drama, suspense, romance and mystery, while narrated with sarcastic, comedic undertones by the protagonist, Vincent.  It has elements of a Mitch Albom novel with touches of Augusten Burroughs-like humor.  Each chapter is named after one of the grocery items, and begins with an illustration that foreshadows the events within the chapter.  Life in a Supermarket Basket creates an environment completely relatable to a mainstream audience.  Who hasn’t tried to sneak through the express lane with more items than allowed? Are heaven and the afterlife for real?  And finally, we all have poignant food memories that piece our lives together like a puzzle.


"This author is a genuine storyteller; each chapter of Vincent's life stood as its own complete and well-rounded plot. The clever, dry wit and self-deprecating tone made Vincent very relatable, and you'll easily find yourself laughing and crying as his most embarrassing and touching moments are replayed for you to enjoy. I am definitely expecting many more great stories from this author in the future."

"I don't think I have read a book with an outline quite like this. Mr. Evanichko came up with such a smart, fun and unique way to incorporate a mans life flashing before his eyes with random items in his shopping bag. I couldn't put the book down...I wanted to find out what each item represented in his life. That is a sign of a true author. I look forward to the next book! Bravo!"

"It's like nothing I've ever read before, a "food anthology" of sorts, with groceries inspiring memories of significant life events in a young man named Vince who is dying in a parking lot after being hit by a car during a high-speed police chase."