film productions

Michael has been acting in film productions since the creation of VHS camcorders in the 80's.  He has also written and directed two feature films, Ritual:Blood Bonds and Wicked Business.

DARK IRIS (2017)

From 171 Movies and Ghost Entertainment comes the story of Iris,  a troubled woman with a sordid past.  As the bodies pile up around her she must confront her enemies and her dangerous secrets.  Dark Iris recently screened at the Film Festival of Columbus. Michael plays FBI Agent Adams.


The story of an indy band with a plan to make it big.  A plan gone awry, that is.  Michael plays Kevin, the owner of a punk bar.  Currently scheduled to make its premier at the Austin Revolution Film Festival in September this year.


Death stalks a group of debt collection workers after they receive curses in the mail.  It is up to the remaining few to solve the mystery and reverse the curses before they all die in gruesome manners.  Michael costars as Trevor, the nerdy IT guy.


Camille's perfect life is eternally altered in a fatal head-on collision. With her husband dead and her face severely scarred, Camille loses all hope. Enter Vicarious, a satanic cult leader. Vulnerable and eager to find new meaning in Life, Camille is easily brainwashed by Vicarious. Under his influence, she sets out to murder and sacrifice the person who ruined her life three years ago.

Ritual: Blood Bonds
Starring Harley Kaplan, Michael Stranges, Jennifer Zonakis, Michael Evanichko